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Welcome To Mud Season

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

By: Katie Branham

We are so fortunate to be able to ride nearly year round in Colorado Springs. But it's the time of year when the trails can go from hero dirt to a muddy mess faster than you can say "Captain Jacks" three times fast. This year, please remember to be a responsible steward of the trails and don't ride mud.

Why should you care? Riding muddy trails causes rutting of the trails, widening of the singletrack and massive headaches for trail maintenance. Plus if you are doing it while wearing your sweet WMBA shirt or kit, you're giving us all a bad name.

How muddy is too muddy? Sometimes it's hard to know when to make the call. The questions I ask myself when I'm deciding if I should call it a day are:

  • Is this an isolated mud puddle, or does it look like a good percentage of the trail is muddy? I feel okay riding, if there is a puddle here or there. Trail selection and avoiding shady and boggy spots is also key.

  • Am I leaving a rut? If I look behind my rear wheel, and you can see my line in the mud, I know I'm leaving too much of an impact on the trail.

  • Has my front wheel stopped spinning? I'm literally in way too deep and need to find the quickest way out of there.

What are your options? When your favorite trail in town is soaked and sloppy, check the conditions down in Pueblo, dust off the trainer, give the road bike a spin or hit the gym.

Our sponsors and community partners might be able to help you out too: try a yoga class at Cambio, visit KineoFit for a workout, or make your camper van dreams come true with WayFarer and drive until you find the dirt!

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