Peppermint Realty - Who is this New Sponsor?

By: WMBA Sponsor Jillian Skinner

Who is this New Sponsor?

First, a little about me...I'm Jillian Skinner, owner of Peppermint Realty. I've been riding and racing mountain bikes since 1993 when some of you were just babies! I've owned a bike shop and coached and even had my xc pro card for a year. But times change and I'm strictly a recreational rider now with the occasional enduro race. I entered the real estate profession in 2009 and most of my clients are...mountain bikers. Who wouldn't want to chat bikes and real estate at the same time? I know I do!

My Passion is Helping Young People Accumulate Wealth through Real Estate

Do you remember certain advice from people in life? I remember when my ex-husband and I were stationed at Misawa AFB in Japan and the base chaplain told us a story. Every time they received a new assignment and moved, they kept their house and turned it into a rental. Every three years they moved. They started this quite young too. Now you do the math. And why is this a good idea? Because just like stocks, real estate typically grows over time, but unlike stocks, you ALWAYS have something tangible. The formula is quite simple: Purchase a modest home with a down payment (some loans do not even require a down payment), live in the home for a few years while saving for your next property, put a little sweat equity into it, but nothing that is "taste specific". After 3 years, purchase another property and move into it. Turn the first property into a rental. Repeat. House number 1 mortgage is now being paid by a tenant.

Easy, right? Well... personally I think so, but I've also owned rental properties since 2005, starting when I was 33. Like everything in life, mistakes will be made and learning to be a businesswoman (landlord) will take effort, but remember the goal is to have passive income when you're in your mid-40s so that you can at least semi-retire. Of course I'm simplifying everything, but if you'd like to know more about investing in real estate, let me know and I can go into more detail. Or, if you just need to buy or sell a home I can help there too!

Please remember that WMBA members get cash back when using me to buy or sell a house. WMBA also receives a $200 kickback from each deal closed with me either by a WMBA member or anyone who learned of me through a WMBA member. That can add up to a lot of cash for the club. Thank you so much for supporting me and helping WMBA. See you on the trail!


To see WMBA specifics, please visit www.peppermintrealty.com/wmba

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