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GROUP RIDE LEVELS - New for 2022!

We divide groups based on both skill level and speed. Read below for more information on what to expect with each group.


Hangout Pace: This is the slower of our two pace groups. If you are still working on improving your cardio endurance or just enjoy taking more breaks for socializing, this is the group for you.

Hustle Pace: This is the faster of our two pace groups. Note, we’re not racing, and it is still a no-drop ride. But we will take fewer breaks and will generally cover more miles.


Never Ever

Welcome to Mountain Biking! This group is for those who are new to riding bikes, timid about joining a group ride, or need to get accustomed to riding bikes on dirt trails. 


Skills to work on include one finger braking, level pedals, eyes scanning the trail ahead and mounting/dismounting.

Trails will have some turns and small obstacles but will be flatter and have minimal obstacles. Never Evers will not have separate pace groups, but will stick together at a Hangout Pace.


This group is for those who can operate their bikes, but are still learning the art of gear shifting, climbing, descending, cornering and balance on the bike. Riders are less comfortable with mountain bike handling techniques.


Skills to work on include navigating small roots, rocks, and turns. Will be starting to work on climbing and descending techniques and appropriate braking with descending. 

Trails are wider, have more varied terrain with some elevation change and small obstacles (sand, small rocks).


This group is for those who are ready to take a step beyond Beginner rides towards the Intermediate group. Riders can control bike speed / direction and shift gears quickly and efficiently. They are consistent with keeping level pedals, one finger on the brake and demonstrate good neutral and ready positions on the bike.

Skills to work on are rocks/ step ups lower than curb height, more bike/body separation,  cornering, rolling obstacles, consistently being out of the seat for descents, and mastering braking.

Trails are progressing from typical “Green” to more “Blue” trails. 


This group is for those who demonstrate a sturdy stance on the bike for ascending/ descending, are comfortable starting to ride though rock obstacles and roots, but still know when to walk obstacles they are not comfortable with. They are comfortable with a moderate sustained pace. 

Skills include switchbacks, steeper climbs and descents, suspension compression to get over obstacles, rolling larger obstacles where wheels leave the ground. 

Trails are narrow, have some limited exposure, more climbs and descents and obstacles such as drops/roots of 1 ft or less.


This group is for riders who are close to progressing to Advanced riding. They are capable of techniques such a front wheel and rear wheel lift and can put the two together to navigate over obstacles. They are fairly confident on steep climbs and descents and steeper switchbacks.
Skills work includes maneuvering through larger rocks, roots, steeper switchbacks and tighter turns. 

Trails are progressing from typical “Blue” to some “Black” rated trails. 


Don’t be intimidated! Advanced riders are skilled at shifting their weight to navigate technical climbs, descents and all trail features. Riders are comfortable with wheels leaving the ground for a little bit. Keep in mind even the best advanced riders still have to stop and walk something every now and then.

Skills include working on technical climbs, sharp switchbacks.

Trails include larger obstacles, possibly more exposure and farther distances. Note Advanced groups will note have separate pace groupings, but will stick together at a Hustle Pace.

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