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Types of Rides

Pre-Season Purple Prep

Join us for a non-intimidating rotating station format to get more comfortable with your bike and mountain biking with our organization before our season starts.  We will cover some easy beginner bike maintenance, bike anatomy, bike fit and other new to riding topics. This is geared toward Never Ever and Beginner bikers looking to gain some knowledge as they prepare to ride with us.

Social Rides

Social rides take place on days other than Thursdays during the season and on Thursdays in September. These are more casual and usually only a few groups of varying ride levels. Rides can cover urban trails, new or smaller parks and even in the dark! Due to membership demand, we only open these to friends and family IF we do not fill the ride with paid members. 

Trail Skills Rides

For some weeks, we will offer ONE Trail Skills Ride for BEGINNER skills and/or ONE for INTERMEDIATE skills. The purpose of this ride is to go over obstacles and features on the trail and work on the skills to ride them successfully. Before heading out on the trail, go over a skill you will encounter on the trail. For example, if you are going to a trail with lots of switchbacks, take 5-10 minutes before you go on the trail to practice switchbacks. Pre-planning for this ride is key as you will need to select appropriate obstacles and review proper cues/ form.

Group Rides

These will primarily be continuous rides. Groups are expected to take breaks as needed but can also do short “sessioning” lessons if an obstacle necessitates it. Group level is determined by both pace and skill level. 

Group Pace

Each level will offer a ride titled after that level and one “Hangout” version of that pace. Note: Never Ever and Advanced groups do not tend to have separate pace groups.

  • Hangout Pace: This is the slower of our two pace groups. It is for riders still working on improving their cardio endurance or who just enjoy taking more breaks for socializing. This group will do less mileage. 


  • “Regular” Pace: This is the “faster” of our two pace groups. Note, we’re not racing, and it is still a no-drop ride. But we will take fewer breaks and will generally cover more miles. (This was called “Hustle Pace” last year but we found that was intimidating)

Skills Clinics

These Monday night clinics will focus on specific bike handling skill(s) (switchbacks, wheel lifts, climbing, etc.). These rides should be conducted with a specific lesson plan and may take place entirely on grass or also involve sessioning a specific section of trail.

Skill Level Groupings

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