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Meet Our Sponsor: Capstone Investment Financial Group

WMBA is so glad to call Capstone Investment Financial Group one of our 2019 season sponsors. Planning for financially secure future can be daunting; one of many services that Capstone offers is the personalized support to help you look ahead. Capstone believes that investing in your future is a great bet in order to enjoy an active and enjoyable lifestyle. We tend to agree!

What does the term “restylement” mean? Essentially, it means taking a fresh, new approach to retirement and investing in your future.

Traditional retirement meant that the American worker left the same job at the same company after many years and drew from social security or a pension for the remainder of her life. There was little consideration in returning to the workforce in a different capacity or experiencing an enhanced lifestyle.

More recently, the face of retirement is evolving to reflect an active, enjoyable lifestyle—possibly working part-time or on a contract basis, while taking advantage of the ability to travel, volunteer, and establish new goals and activities.

Contact Capstone for more information to plan for your future:

Ryan Turbyfill – Financial Advisor

Capstone Investment Financial Group


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