The Women’s Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs hosts weekly group mountain bike rides for women in the area. WMBA desires to make women feel comfortable and safe on a mountain bike while having fun and meeting new friends. Whether you are a seasoned rider or just beginning to pedal on your first mountain bike, we want our group rides to be a place you can come to be with friends. We have a no drop policy, meaning we will not leave anyone behind. These rides are every Thursday from 6 to 8PM.

Find out more about becoming a WMBA member HERE!


In addition to our group rides, WMBA also hosts skill rides throughout the season. These rides

will focus on basic bike handling skills such as body position, clearing obstacles, and cornering,

just to name a few. These rides are an additional $10 and held on Mondays from 6 to 8PM.


Social rides are no drop rides open to all men and women of any riding ability. We roll out at 10AM.





6/4- Red Rocks Open Space + Never Ever Ride

6/11- Bear Creek + Never Ever Ride

6/18- Ute Valley Park + Never Ever Ride

6/25- Stratton Open Space (Beginners)/ Cheyenne Canon (Intermediate and Advanced)

7/9- Palmer Park

7/16- Red Rocks Open Space

7/23- Bear Creek

7/30- Ute Valley

8/6- Stratton Open Space (Beginners)/ Cheyenne Canon (Intermediate and Advanced)

8/13- Cheyenne Mountain State Park

8/20- Palmer Park

8/27- Red Rocks Open Space


Sat 6/20- Falcon Trail

Thurs 7/2- Monument Preserve

Sat 8/15- Catamount Reservoir 

Thurs 9/3- Monument

Thurs 9/17- Palmer Trail

Thurs 9/24- Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center (NIGHT RIDE)

SKILLS CLINICS (special clinics offered once each month, $10)

Mon 6/8- Bear Creek

Mon 7/13- Bear Creek

Where to meet?

Bear Creek- parking lot off of 21st and Argus


Cheyenne Canon- upper parking lot where North Cheyenne Canon Rd and Gold Camp Rd meet


Cheyenne Mountain State Park- parking lot left of Visitor's Center

Falcon Trail- Enter at North Gate, take first left on Stadium Blvd, then second right on Academy Dr. Parking lot is on North side of the street as you climb the hill ~1/2 mile from the turn.


Palmer Park- Parking Lot 1 near Maizeland and Academy 

Palmer Trail- Meet at the bottom of High Dr where there is a small parking lot and a caretaker's house (the 3-way intersection of High Dr, lower Gold Camp Rd and Bear Creek Rd. Riders can park along Bear Creek Rd, Section 16 Trailhead or Stephanie's Trail Trailhead.


Red Rocks Open Space- first parking lot off of Highways 24 and South Ridge Rd


Stratton Open Space- Cheyenne Mountain High School parking lot, east of stadium


Ute Valley Park- northwest parking lot at Eagleview Middle School on Vindicator Dr.


Each of our group rides will be broken down into 3 ability groups (Green, Blue, and Black) to allow riders to choose the best group for their level. The group rides start at 6 p.m. (please arrive early to check in and get situated) and typically end around 8 p.m., however ride time will vary depending on the trails chosen and the abilities of the riders in that group. Each trail and venue has its own unique features and levels of difficulty, with some trails being flatter and faster while other trails will be hillier and slower.

Green Level:  For those that have never ridden a mountain bike or are not familiar or comfortable with mountain bike handling techniques;Have limited, or no experience on the trails that we normally ride; Have only ridden on pavement or dirt paths/roads. Ride distance will be fairly short. Trails will include a wide variety of terrain but will mostly be consistent with standard Green and possibly Blue trail map ratings.

  • Skill Building:  This group will focus on basic mountain bike skills; balance on the bike, techniques needed to navigate small obstacles (roots, rocks) and sand, climbing and descending techniques. Ride distance will be very short, as the focus will be on learning.

  • Continuous Riding:  This group is for riders interested in gaining more familiarity with local trails. Ride will be at a conversational pace and will include some stops to recover.  No prolonged “sessioning” of obstacles or teaching/coaching of skills. Ride distance will be greater then the Skill Building groups.  Riders should have the ability to ride some, but maybe not all, small obstacles as they occur.

Blue Level: For those interested in more mileage and/or greater technical challenges, more obstacles, drops of 1 ft. or less, narrow trails, limited exposure, steep climbing/descending.  Riders should be able to ride with confidence, able to get through most, but maybe not all, obstacles. Trails will include a variety of terrain but will mostly be consistent with standard Blue trail map ratings, but will most likely also contain some Green and few Black rated trails.

  • Skill Building: This group will focus on skills needed for maneuvering through larger rocks, roots or other obstacles, switchbacks, steep down hills and up hills.

  • Continuous Riding:  This group is similar to the Green level Continuous Riding group; however, with a boost in distance and pace.  Ride will include several short breaks to rest.

Black Level:  For those advanced riders interested in more difficult terrain, larger obstacles, some exposure, steep climbs and descents, greater distances, and faster pace.  Trails chosen will include a variety of terrain and be mostly consistent with standard Blue and possibly some Black trail map ratings.  Ride will include few breaks to rest.

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