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2021 Schedule

rides start at 6pm unless listed otherwise


  • May 24: Never-Evers and Beginners Skills Clinic, Bear Creek

  • May 27: Never-Evers and Beginners ONLY, Red Rock Canyon Open Space

  • May 31: Never-Evers and Beginners ONLY, Bluestem Prairie Open Space (9am start time)


  • June 3​​

    • Never-Evers/Beginners/Advanced - Bear Creek​

    • Intermediates - Red Rock Canyon Open Space

  • June 10​

    • Beginners/Advanced - Ute Valley Park​

    • Intermediates - Palmer Park

  • June 14: Skills Clinic​

  • June 17​

    • Beginners/Advanced - Stratton Open Space​

    • Intermediates - Ute Valley Park

  • June 24​

    • Beginners/Advanced - Red Rock Canyon Open Space​

    • Intermediates - Starsmore Nature Center


  • July 1​

    • Beginners/Advanced - Palmer Park​

    • Intermediates - Ute Valley Park

  • July 8​

    • Beginners - Starsmore Nature Center​

    • Intermediates - Stratton Open Space

    • Advanced - Cheyenne Canon

  • July 12: Skills Clinic​

  • July 15​

    • Beginners/Advanced - Bear Creek​

    • Intermediates - Red Rock Canyon Open Space

  • July 22​

    • Beginner/Advanced - Ute Valley Park​

    • Intermediates - Palmer Park

  • July 29​

    • Beginner/Advanced - Stratton Open Space​

    • Intermediates - Cheyenne Canon


  • August 5​

    • ALL GROUPS - Cheyenne Mountain State Park​

  • August 12​

    • Beginner/Advanced - Bear Creek​

    • Intermediates - Red Rock Canyon Open Space

  • August 19 - off week​

  • August 26​

    • Beginners - Starsmore Nature Center​

    • Intermediates - Stratton

    • Advanced - Cheynne Canon


  • September 2 - Palmer Trail (5:30 pm)

  • September 9 - Monument Preserve (5:30 pm)

  • September 16 - Pineries Open Space (5:30 pm)

  • September 23 - Starsmore Night Ride (6:00 pm)

Group Ride FAQ​

What are rides like?

We want our group rides to be a place you can come to be with friends. We have a no drop policy, so we will not leave anyone behind. Unless otherwise listed, Group rides start at 6 p.m. and typically end around 8 p.m., please check in by 5:45 to find your group. 

What should I bring on a ride? 

  1. A mountain bike in safe and working order

  2. A helmet

  3. Water, snacks, sunscreen and a small repair kit if you have one


Why do I have to sign up for rides?

The WMBA community has grown tremendously over the years, and we want to make sure that our growth is sustainable. By limiting group ride sizes at each location, our impact will be felt less by each park. Smaller group sizes should also allow for a better experience on the trail for all of our members.


It is also the policy of Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation that group rides with more than 100 people are considered special events, and special events are not permitted at parks that are TOPS properties. The WMBA Board of Directors worked in conjunction with COS Parks and Recreation to make sure that WMBA is acting in good faith as community partners to protect the trails that we all enjoy riding on.

Click here for more about how we break up our groups by skill and ability level



Bear Creek

Meet in first parking lot off of Argus Blvd

Cheyenne Canon

Meet in upper parking lot where North Cheyenne Canon Rd meets High Dr

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Meet in parking lot on the left after Visitors Center

Palmer Park

Meet in Parking Lot 1 near Maizeland Rd and Academy Rd

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Meet in large parking lot off of Hwy 24 and South Ridge Rd

Stratton Open Space

Meet in Cheyenne Mountain High School parking lot, east of stadium

Starsmore Nature Center

Meet at the Starsmore Vistor and Nature Center overflow parking in the Stratton parking lot off of Cheyenne Blvd

Ute Valley Park

Meet in the northwest parking lot at Eagleview Middle School on Vindicator Dr