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WMBA supports a race team of ladies who are not only interested in racing their mountain bikes, but also serving as ride leaders and organization volunteers.

Qualities we look for in race team applicants are women interested in leading group rides, advocate for the organization, ability to help the WMBA organization with projects, communications, and desire to race a mountain bike in local and state competitions.

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2024 Team Members

Angie Forman
Ashley Anderson

Brianne Pierson
Carol Lyndell

Carrie Pressett
Christina Bardsley
Denise McLean
Eunice Wang
Jaclyn Roberson

Jen Ellis

WMBA logo purple

Jennifer Hanson

Jessi Michael

Jess Read

Julia Tomsen
Julie Doellingen

Kate Jones

Katie Regan
Kim Shepperd
Kimberly Potter
Leah Dolan-Kelley

Lisa Bolton

Lorinda Putter

Lynn Wentland

Maureen Trujillo

Niki Amidei
Norah Roscamp
Sandy D’Angelo
Sarah Poythress
Vanessa Gaviria

Whitney Orn

Do you want to join the WMBA race team? 

What we ask of each of the RACE TEAM members:

-  Purchase a 2024 WMBA membership
- Attend ride guide training 
- Serve as a ride guide 7 times (2 times as lead)
- Race 4 races in your WMBA kit
- Complete suggested 4 hours of community service


We are no longer accepting race team members for the 2024 season, please look to apply for the 2025 season later this year.

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