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2023 WMBA - Ashley Anderson.jpg

Ashley Anderson

Board Chair

Ashley is thrilled to have the opportunity to volunteer as a WMBA Board Member, as she has benefited immensely from the support and guidance of the WMBA community both on and off the bike. Ashley started mountain biking in 2020 when she moved back to Colorado Springs, and credits it with helping her find a sense of belonging and empowerment amidst a global pandemic. 


In her professional career, Ashley has served as an Air Force intelligence officer, a law clerk to a federal judge, and an attorney at a Washington, DC law firm. She is currently serving as the Lyon Chair in Professional Ethics in the Philosophy Department at the US Air Force Academy. Ashley also volunteers with the Rocky Mountain Veterans Advocacy Project, which provides legal representation to veterans in need. She holds a J.D. from Yale Law School, a M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin, and a B.S. in Political Science from the US Air Force Academy. 


In addition to playing on bikes, Ashley loves snowboarding and Nordic skiing, taking long walks with her dog, and attempting to learn new arts and crafts. 

Kacie Rognlie

Vice Board Chair & Ride Guide Committee Chair

Kacie hails from Kansas and got her start in cycling riding a pink and teal Huffy up the hill on her street all day. Her dream to ride more took off with using her first ever tax return to buy a road bike like a good Midwesterner.


When moving to Colorado, a big goal of hers was to get into mountain biking to see all of the views. In the 10 years since then, 6 of those have been volunteering with WMBA. This is her second year on the Board of Directors and she has enjoyed building the community as well as riding with all the friends she has made as a result of the group.


Kacie is a Physical Therapist and thus has a strong interest in how the body and bike move together. This year she sought out coaching certification for this and is now PMBIA Level 1 certified. Though she is racing less, her interest in teaching skills, introducing women to an empowering sport and wanting to give back to the city has continued to grow this season.  

When not on her XC bike, Kacie has been enjoying rolling on the gravel bike and will never say no to a coffee ride.

2023 WMBA - Kacie Rognlie.jpg
2023 WMBA - Katie Regan.jpg

Katie Regan

Secretary & Board Member

Katie joined WMBA in 2019 and was immediately hooked on the awesome community and friends found on the group rides. She has been on the race team on and off since 2021 and has volunteered as a ride guide for a few summers. She started mountain biking in 2018 and, after a few intimidating months, began to love the freedom and adventure that bikes offer. She looks forward to long days in the alpine and bikepacking every summer.


Katie grew up in Northern California, but has lived in many Rocky Mountain states. She came to Colorado Springs in 2016 to pursue her Masters in Teaching from Colorado College, and thought COS was too much fun to leave! She currently teaches (occasionally, wrangles) Study Skills and AP Research students at Doherty High School. When not cycling, you’ll catch Katie doing yoga, drinking chai, reading fiction, looking at cool rocks, and searching for marmots in the high country.

Nina Calderone

Treasurer & Board Member

Nina grew up in Germany, and her bike was her most favorite transportation method since she was a little girl. She took the bike to see her friends, to ride to her track and field and gymnastic practices, and to go on trips with her family on the weekends. Many years later, Nina was participating in triathlon races, and mountain biking became a part of the training. The different challenges that come with riding a mountain bike has fueled her passion for it.

Nina moved to Manitou Springs with her husband and dog in 2019. Her curiosity for how the world works, and her love of learning new things makes her a full on generalized. If she is not outdoors, she enjoys doing things such as photography, digital design, and reading. 

Nina joined the WMBA community as a member in 2021. She always wanted to be part of something bigger and decided to serve on the 2023 board. She is most excited for the season to start, so we can all go ride together and have fun.

Nina Calderone.jpg
2023 WMBA - Lynnea Roberts.jpg

Lynnea Roberts

Race Team Committee Chair & Board Member

If you’ve ridden with WMBA in the last few years, you may have noticed a woman with a tutu and a big smile…that’s our Lynnea! New to Colorado and mountain biking, she joined WMBA the summer of 2018.
She knew on her very first ride with WMBA at Red Rocks Open Space that she wanted to someday lead rides, which at the time, felt like a BIG stretch. Fast forward a few years …that dream became a reality in 2022, and Lynnea is ecstatic to be joining the WMBA Board of Directors for 2023!


She credits WMBA for finally finding “home” in Colorado Springs, pedaling amongst friends.  Lynnea prefers XC riding and loves the challenge of uphill tech. One of her goals for this year is to obtain her Level 1 PMBIA certification. 


Lynnea has 10 years’ experience as an educator and leading outdoor excursions. Currently, she works for a consulting firm collecting data from schools. When she’s not on her bike, she’s probably taking a nap or enjoying a burrito.

Tracie Long

Sponsorship Committee Chair & Board Member

Tracie had never ridden a mountain bike before moving to CO in 2020. She had a road bike and rode that when living in NY, but once moving to CO she hadn’t even dusted it off and then she got a taste of mountain biking and that was it! She joined WMBA for the 2021 season and was hooked. She credits the WMBA rides with her progress as a rider. Much like Ashley, WMBA and mountain biking enabled her to find a social group and friends in a new city in the midst of a pandemic. She enjoys her weekly WMBA rides and riding with her husband, son and friends. Her preference is downhill over XC. Though she doesn’t mind earning the downhill with the climb, but likely won't be the first up!

Tracie works in the insurance industry. So it is probably her fault if you need to sign a waiver or complete a lengthy accident report if you are injured on a ride (we hope that never happens). 

In addition to biking, she enjoys downhill skiing and hiking with her family.

2023 WMBA - Tracie Long.jpg
2023 WMBA - Jessica Read.jpg

Jessica Read

Board Member

When living in Southern California Jessica was an avid bike rider spending weekends in the San Bernardino Mountains to mountain bike and commuting to work during the week by road bike.  When she moved to Colorado Springs in early 2021, she was stoked to find an organization like WMBA and quickly fell in love with all the great mountain biking trails in the Springs which she now gets to show her husband.  When not biking Jessica likes to hike, ski, rock climb, camp, travel, look at craigslist for a better mountain bike and one day wants to bike the continental divide for an epic summer vacation.


Jessica is working to become a high school science teacher while getting a Master of Education from UCCS.  She is looking forward to being more involved with the community, discovering new trail systems and contributing to the continuing success of WMBA.

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