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Wayfarer Vans + WMBA

Hi y’all, it’s Katie Branham, I’m the WMBA Board Chair, and when I’m not volunteering for WMBA, my day job is leading marketing and communications for Wayfarer Vans. You may not realize it, but there are a bunch of mountain bikers running the most innovative camper van business in the country right here in Colorado Springs at the Wayfarer Vans HQ.

How are we different than all the other van builders out there? Well, a Wayfarer van conversion ranges from $10,630-12,280, and is completed in one day.

How I joined Wayfarer through a WMBA connection

Wayfarer sponsored WMBA for several years before I joined the staff. It was actually through WMBA that I met the folks at Wayfarer. During my first season as a WMBA member I met Rachel, another new rider new to town, and as we became friends and rode together more, I heard about how her boyfriend (now husband) Ian wanted to make a small van into a camper. Fast forward to 2020, and I was able to join Ian and the team he has created at Wayfarer Vans.

I had not been able to take the vans out much, other than the ride guide camping trip last year, because there wasn’t a way to bring my son along. But, that is changing this summer now that Wayfarer can install a single rear seat in the back.

How my 4-year-old got his first MTB video edit

In April I was able to take my son out on a day trip to Canon City to test the van. We hiked, we snacked and we biked. And we documented the whole thing with my amazingly talented co-worker who put together this video that even has drone footage of my 4-year-old son on his bike.

Want to know more?

I’m always happy to chat about vans if you ever have questions. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Check us out at or reach out to us to schedule a shop tour.

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