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Spring 2022 Race results

WMBA Race Team has kicked off the Race Season with a lot of fun riding and podiums!

First race of the year was The Bear at Bear Creek State Park on April 2nd.

Congrats to: Christina Thomas Cat 3 (age 30-39) 5th place

Morgan Vlasse Cat 3 (age 30-39) 3rd Place

Kate Lemay Cat 3 1st place

Lynnea Roberts Cat 3 (40-49) 3rd place

Norah Roscamp Cat 3 (40-49) 6th place

Royal Gorge Groove Sunday April 10th at Royal Gorge trails

Congrats to: Lisa Bolton and Marisa Farro- Miro 24 mile duo

Morgan Vlasse 12 mile 2nd place Women

Steph Surch 24 mild Single Speed 3rd place

WGG Fundo 21 mile gravel ride up Rampart Range Road:

Completed by Angie Foreman, Julie Doellingen

And finally Leah Dolan-Kelly achieved her goal by completing the 3 day Moab Rocks Race!!

Congrats Leah and all race team members for getting after your goals!!

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