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Twisted Spoke + WMBA

Twisted Spoke CBD is proud to support the Women’s Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs. Getting butts on bikes makes the world a better place. WMBA’s inclusive approach and support systems strengthen our community of cyclists and local businesses.

We’re a Colorado Springs company. We share the same trails and shop in the same grocery stores as you. WMBA has been an amazing advocate for our brand and we want to thank you all. We’d also like to remind you that all WMBA members receive a 20% discount on everything we make.

If you don’t know our story here it is: I (Gabe) was working in a bike shop and brewing kombucha. I was gearing to start an actual company and brew full time. Wen approached me and suggested I try putting CBD into my kombucha. Being sober, I was hesitant to try it. I did and immediately saw benefits of using CBD in my life. We spent months building a plan and in September of 2020 opened our store.

Our goals have always been to make high quality products and keep the prices fair. We use ALL of our own products and so do our families. Third party testing makes sure everything is clean and safe. CBD and other cannabinoids can be confusing. We’re always here as a resource to help you better understand them. CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory. People use CBD for pain, anxiety, sleep and physical recovery. We like to use CBD daily to promote wellbeing and are always happy to elaborate on the specifics with anyone who is interested.

Our products are specialized to make them effective. We offer tinctures (oils) and softgel pills for convenient, daily use. None of our products are designed to get anyone high. Full Spectrum products use the entire plant for what we believe to be better effectiveness. Isolate products are always an option for anyone who doesn’t want any THC. To our active duty military friends we really are sorry that you can’t benefit from these products yet, but we do still appreciate you!

Have you tried our Energy Chews? We wanted them to be delicious, full of energy, and priced close to other options on the shelf. They’re plant based and use glucose and fructose sugars in the right ratio to keep you pedaling and not weigh down your stomach.

Our topicals are designed as a set. We use our Cooling Gel before a ride, Chamois Cream during, and our Recovery Cream after. Cooling Gel is heavily mentholated and is a wonderful tool we use to prevent issues. We rub it into areas prone to discomfort and in conjunction with stretching, hydration and nutrition we notice less pain after rides. Our Chamois Cream is designed for the most demanding use but is great for a lunch loop or quick ride when you can sneak one in. It’s pH balanced and we add CBG to helps deal with microbial issues that can cause saddle sores. Our Recovery Cream uses a host of ingredients that make it very effective. It has peppermint, arnica, turmeric, emu oil, glucosamine and msm. We encourage a hot shower or steam before applying it for even better results.

CBD is often used to help people sleep but it doesn’t make you tired. It helps me relax my mind and deal with physical discomfort. CBN knocks me out. It is a very different experience. If CBD doesn’t help you sleep we encourage you to try CBN. It comes in a Full Spectrum or Isolate formulations.

Our pets use CBD daily so of course we offer a pet option. They benefit from the anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties as much as we do.

Again, we want to thank you for helping us grow and supporting our brand. Tell your friends to ask for us at their favorite bike shop, or at places like Ranch Foods Direct and Mountain Mama Natural Foods. You can always use your discount in our store but remember we want to push sales to our retailers to spread the love.

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