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Volunteer with Colorado Springs Adaptive Cycling Program

By: Eydie Elkins

If you love riding your bike, here is a great volunteer opportunity!

Colorado Springs Adaptive Cycling Program relies on volunteers to ride alongside cyclists who have disabilities so that they can experience the joy of riding bikes while feeling safe.

The bike shop "AngleTech" hosts the rides on two Saturdays a month and most of the riders bike down Sinton Trail and the Greenway to Criterium. Sometimes the stronger riders want the challenge of Garden of the Gods. All the riders have a great time and appreciate their volunteers. 

 The number of riders the program can handle is limited to the number of volunteers available for a Saturday ride and there is always a waiting list. So more volunteers are needed!

I have been an Adaptive Cycling volunteer for eight years. This will be my ninth year and I will continue to do it as long as I can.  Riding my bike is my favorite thing to do. It brings me joy. It makes me happy. I love that I can help bring those same feelings to people who just need a riding companion.

Feel free to contact me if you have any interest or questions about being a volunteer - or contact Mark Snow at the number or email at the bottom of the flyer.

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