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Making the best of it

It's been a challenging few months and we've all had to adapt and find fun ways to cope. Here's a glimpse into what the board of directors have been up to the last few months.

Katie and her two-year-old son have been doing weekend rides on the bike paths. "We have a seat called a MacRide that attaches to my mountain bike where he sits in front of me and holds the bars. He now asks to ride our bike to the "chocolate milk store," or as I call it - the coffee shop."

Eydie went to visit her daughter in St. Paul to help her pick out a wedding dress!

Leah and her boyfriend adopted Willow from the Humane Society this spring! Willow loves camping and hiking in Crested Butte!

Maria's been breaking in hiking boots instead of bike shoes! Happily exploring the many hidden corners of the Pikes Peak Region!

Emily has been coping with her COVID feelings through ice cream. Nightly. (I'm sure most of us can relate).

Emily's recommendations:

Tillamook brand Oregon Hazelnut and Salted Caramel or, and trust me on this, Monster Cookie.

If you’re not a human that ingests the dairy, Coconut Bliss brand Ginger Cookie and Caramel is pretty delicious.

Obviously your ice cream choice should be full of fat/calories, consumed late in the evening, and straight out of the container... for the full eating-your-feelings effect

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