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Making our Trails and Community More Inclusive

WMBA's mission statement speaks of building and empowering women in our community. Our vision is that each member gains confidence on and off of her bike. It is our hope and dream that all women feel empowered and confident in life. We acknowledge that mountain biking is a privilege in and of itself and that racism, in its many forms, disallows Black women from joining and benefiting from the WMBA community.

WMBA stands with the Black community…with those who have been oppressed...with those who go unheard. We are open and vulnerable to real conversations around the challenges the cycling community faces and we hope to ease the evident underrepresentation of Black women.

Our community is strong and while we cannot be together in our usual ways this season, to hug one another, to grow in magnificent ways on the trail together; we are committed to growing more in our diversity, our understanding, and our friendships. The WMBA board has time on the June agenda specifically to address concrete steps we can take to make our community more inclusive, welcoming and diverse. We welcome you to contact us at if you have ideas, thoughts or questions to share with us.

We are committed to listening, learning and doing our part to make WMBA and the larger bike and outdoor communities more welcoming to all people of color.

Your WMBA Board of Directors,

Katie Branham, Teresa Cole, Leah Dolan Kelley, Eydie Elkins, Debi Kennedy, Emily Romero, Maria Wilcox

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