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WMBA Race Team is Winning!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

This year the WMBA race team is excited to race safely and together. Though some racers podium and some don't everyone works hard to compete and everyone has fun and that is Winning!

Photo by Abby Santurbane

The WMBA Race Team is excited to be back racing in full force this season! The race team consists of 21 WMBA members who race a mix of cross country, gravel, adventure, endurance and enduro. Each racer has their own goal for this season, some want to win it all and some want to ride in a competitive environment - all for fun! We of course, are dearly missing our friend and team member, Sharon Engle. A few racers have paid tribute to her at recent races.

Congratulations to all racers who have participated in their events, we all know racing is a lot of work but it is all so much fun!

Angie Forman racing at The Original Growler

Congratulations to our podium team members:

Jaclyn Roberson

Jessi Michael

Katie Regan

Melina Vissat

Tracy Crowell

Melina Vissat winning 2nd at the Grand Enduro

Jaclyn Roberson and Jessi Michael win the female

duo category at Roll Massif's Sunrise to Sunset.

Photo by Marissa BCN.

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