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Leah's Winter Riding Tips

Here are a few of Leah's Winter and Off Season Tips.

Did you know that sealant dries up? You should check your tire sealant every 3-4 months. When you're not riding your bike it helps to spin your wheels (on the rack) at least once a week to keep the sealant from drying up faster.

Give your bike some love and get it a tune up! Bike shops tend to be slower in the winter months so you can get your bike back quick and support your local shops! WMBA 2021 Bike Shop sponsors are: Criterium, Bicycle Experience, Ascent Cycling, Pro Cycling and Ted's Bicycles.

If you ride a trainer in the winter, or as Cynthia calls it a NoGoBike, I recommend watching the women's UCI cross country races on the RedBull TV App. (Start in 2017 and watch the drama unfold between Jolanda Neff, Annika Langvad, Kate Courtney, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, and the new comers of 2020 - Loana Lacomte and Evie Richards). This is the only sport I can watch on TV - and it's the only thing that keeps me motivated on the trainer.

You CAN ride outside in the winter! We are lucky enough to have so much sunshine and warm days in the winter that it's pretty common to ride outside all winter long here, but it may look different than your summer ride.

Ride on the Pikes Peak Greenway trail system, ride up Gold Camp Road and Rampage Road. Pueblo Reservoir usually makes for a great day trip in the winter (check Lake Pueblo Trails FB page for trail updates) and has trails from smooth greens to rocky blacks. Ride your bike in the snow (fat tires help)!

Exploring the Greenway Trails on a sunny winter day!

Do Not Ride Muddy Trails! If the trail starts to get muddy, turn around, I know it sucks but do it anyways. Since most of our trails are a clay base it dries with those bumps and treads making it unusable when it dries.

Last year I got muddy at Rampart Range Road - no trails were harmed on this ride!

It's important to have the right gear in winter! Bring layers - it's usually warm on the climbs and cold on the downhill! Bring a change of gloves - summer gloves for the climb and winter gloves for the downhill. I love wearing a vest while riding because my boobs get really cold - the vest helps keep my chest warm! I like wearing goggles in the winter on the downhill - my eyes tend to water up really fast when it's windy or cold and the googles help keep my eyes warm!

Extra Tip: The foam in helmets looses its strength over the years. It's recommended you replace your helmet every 4-5 years. Yes, even if you haven't crashed in it, as it's a natural deterioration.

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