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Winter has come....

The clocks have fallen back and winter is here, WMBA! Enjoy the off season and don't forgot that you can connect with other members using the WMBA COS Members Only Facebook Group. Please label rides/events as "not an official WMBA ride/event" to avoid any confusion. We love to see pictures from all your adventures, so feel free to continue posting those throughout the off-season!

The WMBA BOD will be hard at work over the next couple months planning an awesome 2024 season, designing beautiful kits, reflecting on this season, and more.

Finally, the off-season is a fantastic time to get your bike into one of our local bike for service and more. Consider taking your bike to one of our fantastic sponsors, Criterium or Ted's Bicycles!

We can't wait to see you again in May! Remember that you can sign up for your 2024 membership starting in January.

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